Drs. Karen Helton Rhodes and Terri Bonenberger are board certified veterinary dermatologists with over 35 years of combined clinical experience.  Their flagship company, Canine Skin Solutions, Inc., served as a pivotal venture that supported their decision to expand the reach to horse owners.  

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

ESS products are unique and innovative, as well as FEI, USEF, and ARCI SAFE! With a variety of lines to fit your horse's needs, Equine Skin Solutions products truly are at the front of veterinary innovation.


The ESS Difference

Simply put- the Equine Skin Solutions products are a GAME CHANGER.  ESS products are not duplications of other products on the market.  They are unique and innovative.  The ESS goal is to identify a problem and develop a unique and effective solution!  Our therapeutics are designed to not only treat a current problem but to also prevent recurrence!