Dr. Karen Helton Rhodes  

Dr. Karen Helton Rhodes  


           Dr. Terri Bonenberger                              

Drs. Karen Helton Rhodes and Terri Bonenberger are board certified veterinary dermatologists with over 35 years of combined clinical experience.  Through their work and friendship, they realized that horse owners needed greater access to reliable information and effective products to resolve skin problems and promote healthy skin.  Their flagship company, Canine Skin Solutions, Inc., served as a pivotal venture that supported their decision to expand the reach to horse owners. 

 Dr. Terri Bonenberger

Interestingly, almost all horse people have dogs but the reverse is certainly not true!  As a horse owner, you may find yourself visiting Canine Skin Solutions’ site as frequently as you do the Equine Skin Solutions’ website.  Welcome!

Equine skin diseases are poorly understood by many individuals in both the veterinary industry as well as the equine markets.  Myths abound and have become, unfortunately, widespread.  Equine Skin Solutions’ goal is to debunk those myths and serve as an expert source for information and “science- based” product options for the horse owner. 

Dr. Helton Rhodes has owned and operated a horse farm for over 30 years.  Her specialty is dermatology while her husband is an equine veterinarian.  Over the years, their farm has focused on reproduction and breeding, thoroughbred race horse rehabilitation, lameness evaluation, and hunter/jumpers.  Horses are a continued passion for Dr. Helton Rhodes and she is an active member of the USEF and Hunter/Jumper Foundation.

Dr. Helton Rhodes splits her time between New York and South Carolina while Dr. Bonenberger practices in Charleston, South Carolina.  The doctors also write and lecture nationally and internationally providing continuing education for other veterinarians within the field of veterinary dermatology.  They continue to work closely together to advance the field of veterinary dermatology.

“The time for evidence-based medicine is here.  It is no longer acceptable for equine veterinary dermatology to lapse behind other specialties.  Our horses deserve “state of the art” skin care.”

Karen Helton Rhodes, DVM, DACVD               Terri Bonenberger, DVM, DACVD

Meaghan Trulock, Veterinary Specialty Technician

Meaghan is a licensed veterinary technician with a bachelors degree from William Paterson University. She has worked in the specialty animal health care field for 15 years working in both surgery and ophthalmology, but specializing in dermatology for the past 10 years. She has worked closely with both Dr. Karen Helton Rhodes and Dr. Terri Bonenberger. Her areas of expertise are in dermatology, anesthesia and surgery, as well as, clinical examination and client education. Meaghan also provides continuing education to other veterinary technicians and continues to advance the field of veterinary dermatology.