ESS Calming Set

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Calming KIT ESS.jpg

ESS Calming Set


The Equine Skin Solutions Complete Calming Set was formulated by veterinary dermatologists for horses suffering from allergies, itching, and hives.

The set includes:

·       Equine Skin Solutions Calming Shampoo (16 oz.)

·       Equine Skin Solutions Calming Spray (16 oz.)

“Jazz, my warmblood hunter, has really sensitive skin.  It is a constant struggle to keep her coat “show-ready”!  She rubs her mane and tail to the point it is difficult for the braiders on show day. Her skin will also break out in tiny bumps.  The Equine Skin Solutions Calming shampoo & spray has made my life...and much better!”  Thanks! – Jennifer, Florida

This two-step system was designed to achieve the best results with flexibility of application. Since it is difficult to bathe every day, the spray was designed to complement and extend the benefits of the shampoo.

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