In June of 2014, Canine Skin Solutions was awarded the Gold Medal at the INPEX Convention for the best veterinary product.

Over 35 years of clinical experience!

ESS products are unique and innovative……problem-solving therapeutics!

Dogs, cats, and horses suffer from a large number of skin disorders, many of which look very similar.  Board certified veterinary dermatologists are veterinarians that have completed advanced training, an additional 3 years beyond the typical 4-year veterinary school education, to recognize and differentiate these conditions.  With your help, a veterinary dermatologist can accurately diagnose and design the right treatment and prevention plan for your horse.  Find a veterinary dermatologist in your area @

Equine Skin Solutions is a company developed by two board certified veterinary dermatologists.  Throughout their professional careers, Karen Helton Rhodes, DVM, DACVD and Terri Bonenberger, DVM, DACVD have made it their mission to educateand help dog, cat, and horse owners. 

With more than 35 years of combined clinical experience, Doctors Helton Rhodes and Bonenberger are at the forefront of veterinary dermatology.  They have a special focus on meeting the emergent needs of the equine population with both educational materials as well as problem-solving therapeutics.

Simply put- the Equine Skin Solutions products are a GAME CHANGER.  ESS products are not duplications of other products on the market.  They are unique and innovative.  The ESS goal is to identify a problem and develop a unique and effective solution!  Our therapeutics are designed to not only treat a current problem but to also prevent recurrence!

All of the ESS products are FEI, USEF, and ARCI SAFE !